Nicaragua: Sep. 2006 Adventure

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Journal Entries

[Nicaragua 2006] Arrived safely. In San Juan Del Sur
Mon Sep 18 11:05:41 PDT 2006

I made it safely yesterday. Car rental was what I suspected, not going to
happen at $60 a week.  I paid $220 a week instead but it cover insurance,
and I have a car now.  The drive was an adventure in itself.  I drove by
my senses at first, since there is little, well no signs of direction
until out of Managua.    After stopping several times, pulling over to
view the map my brain kicked in and I remembered I had the GPS with me,
duh.  It guided me the entire way, without it I would still be driving in

So I get to town and all the hotels were booked, note to self reserve a
room next time at the Hotel Estrella, especially on their Independence
Day.  While I am on the same thought, Nicas really know how to throw a
party.  Every restaurant and bar was a party last night.  I spent the
night dancing, singing Spanish music and drinking like a fish with the
locals.  $1 beers are going to get me in trouble if I am not careful.
Also, Flor De Cano is from here so they  promo it everywhere and I think
its cheap.  By the time I got to drinking rum I was already blind,
hheeehee.  Just kidding Mom and Dad.  Seriously I had a great time last
night.  I seams every time I come down this way the first night it is
always the best and hardest hit, last night was no exception.  There was a
huge concert on the beach, free beer, the band was a really famous latin
hard rock band.  I need to find out who they are.  Maybe someone out there can find out for me.  It was in San Juan Del Sur, Sep 16, 2006 thrown my MovieStar.  Bald head guy singer.

Anyways, so I am off to a surf break just north of here.  There is no surf here but I am told just North is a killer way and the lodging is only $3 an night on the surf.  Last night I had to pay $40 with AC which was not an option since it was 95 degrees and 200 degree humidity it felt like.

What else can I sayyyyyyyyy.  Having a great time so far, no more stress, great people,  warm water.  Oh yeah photos.  Kapaowww>

Not sure what the next place will offer.  Miss you all

Adventure Jeff in paradise




[Nicaragua 2006] Playa Madera - Day 3
Mon Sep 18 11:30:11 PDT 2006

I left San Juan del Sur yesterday around 12pm to drive North to Playa
Madera a surf spot talked about by all the locals in San Juan.  I was told
accommodations on the beach were $5 night and food was cheap as well as the
surf being epic.

The long dirt road that led me to this place was long and pot hole ridden
but after a n hour or more of stressing that I was on the wrong road even
though my GPS, thank god for it, told me I was right I made it.-  The only
snag was the huge mountain I had to climb with my shitbox, new name for my
ride.  It was the steepest climb I ever made with a coche.  The first one
I faired quite easily.  I thought that was not so bad, as long as it does
not rain.  The next was a down which I should have thought of.  This one
was almost completely vertical.   I feared I would slide down it out of
control.  I walked it down and talked with a local about who has not made
it to date, which was a bad idea.  I thought of leaving the car there and
hiking the rest but after he told me there were no policia I decided to
brave it.  I put the car in reverse, its a stick, in case I slid, held on
the emergency brake and and gripped my wheel and went for it.  I made in
fine fashion.  When I go to the waters edge perfect 6 foot lines were
awaiting me.  This was the paradise spot I was searching for.

Playa Madera´- Water, 80 degrees, air 95.  A blistering sun but well worth
the skin cancer to surf these perfect rides.  I dialed in my room, put all
my things upstairs, waxed up my stick and ran to the water.  I surfed for
four hours in bliss.  The left were dominant so I had to surf backside
most of the day.  By the time I got out my arms were spaghetti, and this is
what i ate that night.  The best homemade pasta I have ever eaten next to
Moms of course.

The sunset was spectacular.  I met some new found friends up at their
place, David's Jungle Hideaway, we got buzzed up then I left to try and
catch a last session before the sun set.  Unfortunately the tide was to low
so i wound up relaxing ona  hammock waiting for the sun to set.  I never
felt more at peace in that time, the sun was setting, I just got the best
waves since my last trip this way, I had a great meal, a Tona beer in
hand.  I thought, what more could a man want but the perfect girl with me
to enjoy all this.  Maybe next time if I am lucky she will join me. 

The night was frantic, the dogs barked sporadically at the thunder and
lightning storms keeping me up all night.  If I got three hours of sleep
it was allot.  Between the Rain, lightning and my thoughts of how the hell
I was going to get back up that hill after the rain I was not going to
sleep.  It was a rough night.  So I left this morning after concerns of
more rain coming that would surely stop my exit.  I thought this is not a

bad place to be stuck but knew I could not stay here without rest. 

I picked up an American, Matt who owns a house in Playa Madera area.  He
was on his way to get knee surgery, or to get looked at.  He was a wealth
of information, well worth the ride along.  I took him to Rivas where I
turned to San Jorge and paid for my transport to Isla Del Ometepe, 640c
around $40 round trip with my car.  I am leaving in a half hour.  I don't
know what to expect but I am sure it will be an experience.  I am staying,
maybe at The Monkey Island Hotel,

Want to see more Photos....  A follow-up email on its way....
Enjoy the views from 
                             Nicaragua's Pacific coastline.


Adventure Jeff

[Nicaragua 2006] Leaving Isle Ometepe in a torrential rainstorm

Wed Sep 20 09:01:34 PDT 2006

Wish me luck.  The way here was dry and it was the hardest ride I ever
made with a car.  I am scared this may be my last entry for a while.  Its
pouring here but if I don't leave now I wont get out of here for weeks.

Pray for us.
I need to go noowwwwwwww...

[Nicaragua 2006] 9-21-06 Isle Ometepa and Granada , Nicá Day 6
Thu Sep 21 08:58:29 PDT 2006

I made it off the Island, just barely.  That was the craziest ride I have
ever drive.  The roads were not made of dirt rather boulders he entire
way.  I was driving on rocks 90 percent of the way.  Rivers of water,
ponds of water, crevices, mud and the rain were a few of the obstacles not
to mention the cattle, dogs, chickens, pigs and fallen palms.  I did not
see one other vehicle similar to mine in size on the entire island.
Everyone we passed looked at us with shock and awe.  It was truly an
experience none of will soon forget.  Oh, us, you are wondering.  I met
two girls from Norway on the ferry coming over.  We talked stories of our
adventures and their 6 months of travel, damm Europeans have way to much
time off. I told them of the Monkey Island and asked if they wanted ot
join me but made notice that i did not know what to expect as the roads
pre this adventure to play Madera were rough to say the least.  they said
they had seen it all and would not be surprised, yet they agreed it was
the worst roads they have ever driven on next to Thailand.  I guess I will
not rent a car in Thailand when I visit.  Again, the GPS was key here.

We made it to Monkey Island on the other edge of Island Ometepe near the
second inactive volcano on Monday night just in time for sunset.  It was a
dry ride but as aforementioned not much of a road, but more of a rocky
trail meant more for the banana trucks and cattle carts.  I took an $8
room while the girls, being on a very tight budget took the cheapest
accommodation which turned out to be bug ridden so they moved to a more
meager room with a fan for $3 each.  The place made some really good food
for us.  I had a whole fish taken from the lake the same day and of course
a few Victoria and Tona beers.  They put the Monday night football game on
for me, satellite is great, cant wait to get mine dialed in at home,
thanks Jay.

I rented a full suspension mountain bike from down the road for $5 for
three hours.  I took a ride to the end of the Island in 95 degree heat and
sweat like a horse without water.  It was a awesome ride, maybe second
best to Montauk and Humboldt.  The trails were great, everyone gets
around on bikes so I got allot of hoot and hollers as I steamed past the
locals carrying wood and doing their basic commutes to now where special.
I got to a point where I had to sit down and think about what I was doing
and decide if it was safe to go on as I was seeing double.  I am not good
at judging if I am going into a heat stroke.  I like to push the limits
but with no one around to help me if I passed out I feared being eaten by
a wild bore or simply left for dead.  At this point I took the photo
attached and decided it was time to head back.  The road was very hilly
and I noticed I was more inland than I thought.  the road had taken a turn
in towards the volcano.  I thought maybe its a good idea to check it out
but then kept my course bearing, a place to get water and comida.  I found
a little restaurant on the water and ate a local meal with a huge coca
cola for $5.  Made it back ok, went swimming with the local kids, let them
use my fishing pole which they never saw before.  All the local kids came
out to play in the water and watch the sunset.

That night the sky poured until the next day.  I was scheduled to get on
the ferry at 1.45pm which meant I needed to leave by 11am.  With the heavy
rains the night before an current rain currently it was a bad idea but we
were adventurers and nothing was going to stop the shitbox which I have a
new found admiration for and she gets a new name, little horse, because
that car was a horse going threw all those rocky trails and finally
plowing through 4 ponds/huge puddles 3 feet deep to get us out of the

After we got on the ferry we cheered the adventure and celebrated out exit
with a few cold beers each.  It was then that I agreed to take them to
Granada and spend the night partying with them in the old colonial town,
after al it was another adventure off my itinerary.  I got a nice hotel
room for $34, again pic's attached.  The girls stayed in a hostel.  We did
do some partying but not to much as it rained all night and I was spent
from the days adventure.  Granada is a very rustic city, I have lots of
photos from my morning tours in the back area, market area.  Lots of
colonial history here, old buildings, huge towers, check the photos.

I am off to Pochamill to surf for a few days.  I want to get there before
the weekend and secure an oceanfront villa for cheap near the surf.

If there is one thing i have learned so far on this adventure it is that
life is precious and it should never be taken for granted. These people
live in the poorest unimaginable conditions.  They have nothing to their
names and nothing to look forward to.  If they can smile daily then I-we
should always carry the biggest grin because we live the life of Kings and
Queens compared to them.

Enjoy the photos.  I will miss Kiko the Monkey.  Also some are from Play
Madera, the sunsets and blue cabina.  Granada are of course the city

Till the next entry, I don't know what the next spots has to bring.

Pura Vida.

[Nicaragua 2006] Pochimil - 3 day layover
Sat Sep 23 13:08:42 PDT 2006

I have been in Pochimil now for three days. It is nothing like I expected,
in facts its just the opposite. There are no gringos here.  There are no
services such as internet cafes, discotecias, bars, surf shops, real
estate places, etc.   Its more of a beach ghost town with little to offer
the normal traveler. I was really surprised by this because it is so well
located near the city and easy to get to. Because of this I am confident
it will be the next place to boom like San Juan Del Sur.  I have already
made some connections to buy land here.  I still may wait till the
election in November but if I find a great deal I will jump on it.  The
problem is that there are real estate agencies in the area to talk to. I
see a few se verde signs with numbers but me espanol esta no bien. It is
something I will have to remedy first thing when I get home.  If I do find
a good deal I will surely have to stick around a couple more weeks to
finalize everything, even if not I am planning on staying another couple

So I left Granada after getting some really good photos and videos. Those
people really live a very simple, almost archaic lifestyle here.  The
market was one you would expect to see 100 years ago in the us.  It was
very unsanitary, very rural. I took some good videos of the market.  I
will post them when I get back to the states.

So back to Pochimil, sorry I got off track.  When you come into town you
pass through Masachapa, a hard name to remember for me, then turn left to
Pochimil. When you enter Pochimil you have to pay an entrance fee of 25
cordobas, about $1.50.  Its a one time fee.  There is a bar that they open
up for you to pass.  When you come into the area, its a round circle you
come to that goes left or right.  Being confused you stop and are swarmed
by the locals trying to get you into their restaurants.  The only thing I
wanted was a place to stay not food.  I told them this over and over but
they did not get it. It was frustrating. I went right and found the worst
places I have ever seen and the charges were exorbitant at $30. I thought,
I was going to have to move on.  I went left beck out and found a really
nice little place for $20 a night, which I negotiated for three days for
$16.50 per night paid up front in full.  $50 for three nights with A/C.
Although the electricity was not working but was promised to go on at 6
which it did.  The electricity goes out everyday I have found at 1 till
6pm.  Weird.

The surf in Pochimil is a bit strange, low tides in the AM, maybe due to
the dark moon/no moon we are having this week.  The winds pick up and blow
hard starting at 1 and don't stop till the sun sets.  I got some really
good surf this morning 9/23 and last night but the paddle out is difficult
since there are many sets with little or no relief. Its a workout, but I
need its its ok for me.  Besides I trained for this trip for weeks so I
can handle it.  I would say the surf at best is 6 feet. They are long
steep, no tubes yet, powerful waves.  I have not gotten my best wave here
yet but I still have another day.  I am told Boqueta is a better way than
here but my report says otherwise.  I plan to go north tomorrow and see
what it has to offer.  If I don't secure a land deal today or at least
figure it out.

I made good acquaintances here.  The locals are all very nice, friendly,
willing to help out.  I have a favorite place to eat where I have been
having all my dinners.  A little girl named Carolina made friends with me
early on.  She told me of her Mom and Dads place on the beach which is
next door to where I am staying fortunately. The service at my hotel is bad
so I am happy to eat somewhere else.  Besides, they are nice people and
they make me a table right on the beach, 20 feet from the water.  I also
have been playing cards with my new friend every night while her Mom makes
my food.  Because I am friends with her little girl I think she gives me
extra portions. The first night I had a huge snapper, 2 pounds or more 2
feet long with all the fixings, plantans, salad, rice, potatoes.  It was a
meal meant for three. All for 240 cordobas, around $13.

I had to go to San Rafael to send this since there are no internet cafes here. I am writing it from my room in the A/C on my laptop, saying it on a disc.

Ok I have been tying for an hour, its time to get back to playing and of
course drinking beer. Its Saturday, I am sure there is lots of trouble I
can find today, hehehee.

Miss you all.
Stay free thinking and remember, life is short, you never know what turn
the next day might bring.  Take a look around once and a while and enjoy a
deep breath of air.  Life is what you make of it. The only thing stopping
one from fulfilling their dreams in themselves.


Pura Vida.
Jeff Adventure

[Nicaragua 2006] 9-25-06 Poneloya Playa near Leon
Mon Sep 25 10:05:46 PDT 2006

I left Pochamil yesterday around 12pm on my way to another adventure.  I
was getting tired of the nothing to do lifestyle in Pochamil.  I left for
Leon then on my way to the playas nearby.  I heard a town called Poneloya
and Las Penitas have good waves and cheap lodging so off I went. I was
surprised to find Poneloya was like a ghost town with only two places to
stay.  The beach showed promise of surf so I decided it was in my best
interest to take fort here for a couple days and see discover what's here.
I found a place in the travel book called Hotel Lacaya on the water as
described with bats in the rooftops and it ready to fall at the next rough
storm.  It was an old barn a hundred years ago or more.  I had to see the
rooms so did a walk through. The beds were half ripped apart, a light was
hanging from the ceiling, I saw traces of poop on the floor and the old
breeze, which would have been nice was to come from the open doors to the
ocean.  At $5 a night it was overpriced in my view so i moved on to number
two accommodations, Hotel La Posada.  Recently refurbished, added on to, the
rooms are very modern with a TV, AC, big bed as well as a private bath and
beautifully tiled floors.  I worked a deal for $22.50 per night.  Its a
really nice place so its worth the extra money.

I surf out front all alone and got some really really good waves.  It was
so cool.  I felt like a rock star.  The waves broke close to shore so all
the locals came out to see me.  They cheered when I got a good one.  I got
one that tubed, it formed into a nice wall that I pumped for 3 yards then
smashed the lip of.  It took me right to beach where I was attacked and
cheered at.  I swear I felt like Kelly Slater, it was awesome.  When I
finally quit for the day cause my arms were sore from all the waves all
the kids wants to touch me and talk.  It was crazy.  I went back to my
cabina and washed up, came back for more paparazzi treatment and hung out
till the sun started to set.

I went down the beach to a fishing village for dinner and had the tastiest
camarones I have ever tasted.  Check out the sunset photos.  There is a
crazy shot of some streaks.  Those are real, not the camera.  There were
these streaks of colorful lights coming from the horizon, weird.  Very
cool looking.

Ok so I am in a rush to get out of here to get back to surfing.  I am in
Leon, there is a photo or 2 of the structures here.  Its very old and
colonial.  Its the only place to get online and its only 15 minutes or so
from the beach.  A great place to party I am told but I am not here to
party, I can do that at the class of 47 on any given night with my local

Today's Photo:

Enjoy the life you live.
Pura Vida.
Jeff Adventure in paradise


[Nicaragua 2006] Off to Corinto for surf and to Explore the Volcanoes North
Tue Sep 26 09:21:52 PDT 2006

I am on my way to Corinto now, I hear there is a shipwreck on the beach
that might have a good surf break kicking off of it.  It looks like a good
spot to drink beer either way and see some new things.  There is a few
volcanoes nearby and around Leon that I want to check out on horseback.  I
am not into climbing in 100 degree heat.  I hear I can rent a horse for $2
a day and a guide for $8.  That's not a bad deal to explore some volcanoes.
I need to bring lots of water I am told and to leave at sunrise since the
journey is an 8 hour trek if I want to do it right.

I don't know if there are any internet cafes where I am going.  I know how
you all love the stories, I really appreciate your feedback.  Maybe one day
I will put them into a book for sale, Traveling the Globe on a surfboard
is my idea for the name.  Of course I will need to go back to all favorite
spots again and do some more intelligence work, heeheheee.  There is no
such book out there yet.  It could cover all the best surf spots, what to
do, where to stay, how to get there and how much it will cost.  Everyone
tells me I have a knack for writing so maybe in a few years after I make
my riches with my business and keep up my journals up.  I really love
traveling and keeping you all up to speed.  the feedback I get is inspiring
as I am told my stories are for you.

A traveler who just came from El Salvador told me of a perfect right
called La Punta Roca in La Libertad.  I am contemplating the journey on
Saturday when I drop off my car and extend my trip another 10 days.  Its
not so safe and its polluted but its supposed to be the best right in
Central America.  I really want to do some diving and leaving my boards at
the airport in storage, flying to Bluefields then Big Corn Island then
Little Corn Island does sound like more fun at this point.  I should have
my fill of waves by Saturday.  I really want to do some diving and enjoy
the cool sounds of Reggae in the Caribbean.  I am talking myself into it
already. I will decide over the next few days.  Maybe you can help me

La Punta Roca, el Salvador Area
Google: Punta Roca, La Libertad


Corn Island, Nicaragua Area
Google: Corn Island, Nicaragua

I will take your votes, Just put the place you feel would be best in the
subject line to explore for 10 days.

Well I am off, no photos today, sorry.

This was a quick check of my email and to resolve an issue I had with one of my servers.  Works work work.  Wish me luck in finding grande olas.  I
cant wait to see what this new place has to offer.

Corinto, Nicaragua

Pura Vida,

[Nicaragua 2006] Playa Las Penitas
Thu Sep 28 10:12:42 PDT 2006

I almost left this area, west of Leon when Corinto came up short of waves and a good safe place to stay.  I was on my way to the airport when I felt the draw from more surf so I took the right at the fork between Leon to Managua and Playa Las Penitas and Poneyola. I thought of the killer place I found called The Oasis on the beach at the surf beach at the end of the beach area before the wildlife reserve island of san juan venado.  The surf pounds here everyday as i have found being here for the past three days.

I took a cabina right on the beach, with a hammock out front to rest
myself after the surf for $20 a night.  It is the best they have.  You can stay here for $12 a night but I wanted the best, for $20 really...  I have been surf three times a day, once at 7am, mid day if its up and at sunset.  Its going to be hard to leave this place.  Its super relaxing.

Someone with much smarter than I wrote me a card before I left and asked me not to open it until the 22nd.  I opened it yesterday.  It was a heart felt note inside about how we were both waiting for our lives to begin and how frustrating it can be in the interim between what you want, have and expect from life and yourself.  It was a deep note and made me think long and hard about myself and where I am and want to go in life.  I think we are all in this place at one time or always.  Its called the edge of life. The place we where you think there has got to be more to life, but don't know what it is, so you hang on to what you have because its all you know and go on wondering what else is out there.  This has been the story of my life since I was a kid.  I always thought California was the place I would find all my happiness.  I saw all the movies, heard all god things of the surf, the cool vibes, etc.  It was for a long time just that for me until it became old and normal life.  I guess there is always going to be a greener lawn somewhere and a place not yet known that I will want to discover.  I think I have come to peace with this and therefore can settle for always wanted to travel somewhere else, live somewhere different and do something more exciting. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am ready for my life to begin. Jen, I thank you for putting it in such a way that I can take in and take on and except.  I am tired of running from life, my tennis shoes are being left here in Nicaragua.  I done running away from life, My life starts today.  I have found my chi thanks to you.





My new plan for the rest of my adventure looks like this:

Thur.   Playa las Penitas
Fri.     Managua, Setup trip to Bluefields and Corn Island
Sat.    Bluefields
Sun.   Bluefields
Mon.   Corn Island
Tues.  Corn Island
Wed.   Corn Island
Thurs. Fly back to Managua and back to LAX

Here are some photos for you.

Hope this edition did not bore you to much.  I am so relaxed after so many
days and adventures.  I am finally at ease, without stress and back to

Pura Vida.

[Nicaragua 2006] Bluefields and Corn Island, Caribbean Coast
Sat Sep 30 15:52:14 PDT 2006

I left Playa Las Penitas for Managua to catch a plane to Bluefields for a
couple days then on to Corn Island for a week.  The fare to Corn Island
with a layover in Bluefields was double what they quote online.  It was
$194, ouch.  The airlines, Atlantic although has stored my surfboards and
gear I was not going to use here for free, so it made of for the
difference sort of.  I figured it would cost me $50 for the week to store
them somewhere near the airport since TACA said they would not do it for
me.  Bastards.  The flight to Bluefields was in a small cesna and my bag
did not fly with me, I had to get it the next day.  It was not a big deal.

Bluefields is the armpit of the Atlantic coast I quickly discovered on my
way to the hotel I wanted to stay at for $15.  Along the way I saw tons of
crime going on in full view, drugs, guns, drinking on the street.  It was
a nightmare.  I wanted to turn around and get back on the plane but it was too late for it had left.  I made the driver take me to a hotel that was outside the town with air conditioning, I figured it would help clean the air in my room.  It was called Hotel Bluefields.  I paid $28 a night.  It was well worth it for the piece of mind.  Bluefields has a celebration going on today, Saturday the 30th, celebrating the birthday of one of their patron saints.  It was a huge party Friday night in town, I went out and danced till 12am.  I met a dude who was traveling the globe for a year
off his parents money.  His name is Jack.  Jack got me loaded on Rum and cokes.  I was plastered at 12 and had to jump in a cab and pass out.  I hated that guy this morning.  When I saw him I just grunted at him.  Bastard.  He wanted to talk but I said my head hurts, to leave me alone.  He talked of meeting me on Corn Island.  I told him maybe but not really into company on the trip.  I hope he got the point but I don't think he did.

I had to go to the airport at 8am to get my bag, which it was there.  I reserved a seat on the next flight to Corn Island at 3pm.  I left my bag there as I did not need it and they said it was ok.  I went back to the room and slept for another couple hours and then got lunch and felt better. The flight to Corn Island was quick.  Another Small Cesna worried me a bit but all went well.  The taxi driver at the airport took me for a tour of the island looking at different places to stay.  He wanted me to go to ones that gave him a tip but I was wise to it and said I wanted to see particular ones.  I found a place called Hotel Mini Morgans right on the beach, two beds, huge room with wood tiled floors and air conditioning with a fridge, dressers, nice bathroom all for $35 a night.  A little pricy but I got paid yesterday and its the end of my trip so what the heck.  Besides I don't have to pay for gas or that car anymore.  Its a really nice place, worth $200 a night back home.  I have two rocking chairs on my porch on the top floor, overlooking the blue Caribbean sea.  Its a killer place.

I tried diving out front but the wind was up so I took a walk to the local internet cafe, which is located close to the place and is the only one on the island.  I am off to walk around the town near by, a mile or so away and see I can find a good beach to dive in the morning.  I think I will
rent a bike for the week to tour around on and maybe do some riding in the

PS:  Sorry if my spelling has been an annoyance.  I am a bad speller especially when I try to type fast to get these messages out to you.  I don't as much of you might think, spend much time on the computer writing these.  I can type fast enough and I pretty much just type out my thoughts and send them without looking it over, hence the typing errors.  take care all


[Nicaragua 2006] Corn Island is Irie
Mon Oct 2 10:47:57 PDT 2006

Cast off ya shoes, drap ya booka to the bench.  Leave all your worries
behind.  Everything is nice mon.  Welcome to da Corn Islands way out in
the Caribbean sea off Nicaragua.

Its beautiful here.  I took a really long hike yesterday around the island
and almost dehydrated and lost consciousness.  I thought the beach, rock
beach, not sand, would take me around the island to the south to an
uncharted sand beach but it did not.  I sweat more than I owned but
thought it was always right around the next corner.  I finally had to make
a decision after an hour to end my cause and turn back.  My sandals at
this point, thank got I had them, were separated and not holding to well
being wet.  My fear was of breaking an ankle, ripping a sandal completely
or passing out and having the tide take me out to see.  I found a coconut
tree and was able to take in some hydration by breaking the fruit open to
drink the water inside.  I felt like a castaway on a deserted island. 
There was no way inland since it was all high cliffs of boulders and shale
and of course mangroves.  Towards the mid point a group of 4 teens
appeared out of nowhere.  I swore I was hallucinating and kept pushing on
ignoring the site.  When I got close I found them to be real.  At the
first site of me drenched in sweat and red as a lobster they quickly
turned around and said in their creole tongue, lets go before we die out
here.  I was at ease to have others will me in case help was needed.  I
noticed they had no shoes and thought how in the world did they make it this far out, almost 45 minutes to go.  I felt for them but more for my
own self and passed them in the case I fell and needed help.  When I finally made it back I swore I would be more careful the rest of this
trip, sure I will...  Huge bottle of water, two sodas and a long dip in the blue Caribbean sea and I was back to normal.

I watched a baseball game soon after I returned home to regroup and
collect myself.  A cab around the island to any point is 15 cordobas or
around 85 cents.  I grabbed another large water and made my way, via cab
to the stadium to watch Corn Island play Brisa Bay.  It was the top of the
2nd inning and they served beer so I thought this to be a good end to my
day.  It was now 3pm.  We turned back the clocks to day.  I don't know if
this is the same back in the US.  I had one beer since I did not know
where to get more, a guy was walking around with a cooler.  I later found
the beer place was at the other end of the stadium which I thought was
meant for the players.  Oh well, Friday night in Bluefields was still
lingering on me anyways.  I was better off.   Besides I need to re-hydrate
from my earlier adventure.  I took in some local grub,
plantons-slaw-chicken.  The rain was coming in.  A dark cloud was coming
our way without a doubt from the wind direction.  Just before the bottom of
the 8th inning it poured like I have never seen.  Buckets of water came
down on the field and they had to stop the game till it blew over.  The
sounds of Reggae filled the air during a game in Nicaragua.  As loud as
they can play it so the players could hear it and the announcer spoke over
the music when the players came up or a good play in the field was made. 
I must say it might have been the best live ball game I have ever seen. 
Cost 10 cordodas which I I did not pay cause I did not know, well I
figured someone needed to get paid but I was not asked so I did not give. 
10c is only like 60 cents.

I did some snorkeling after breakfast yesterday and today I plan to go to
Picnic beach.  I found a really good spot just before that long walk I
talked about around the island.

I negotiated for $30 a night at my hotel.  You can see it from the
attached photos.  Its the one right on the ocean.  Not pretty pretty, pink
from the outside but beautiful on the inside and its the only place I have
found right on the ocean with all the accommodations I have.  Besides they
serve great food.  I had a plate of pasta with Lobster last night for 100
cordodas, about $6. Yummmm.

Photos attached.  Enjoy the beauty:

Miss you all.  I look forward to a nice thick steak and someone to speak
English with.

PS:  I am coming in on Thursday the 5th at midnight. If anyone can pick me
up from LAX, I would really appreciate it.  I know its late.  Its the only
time I could get in.  TACA airlines, LAX.

Jeff Dean

[Nicaragua 2006] Adventures in the Caribbean
Wed Oct 4 10:44:10 PDT 2006

Monday night proved to me the mother of all evening for me here so far.  
met with some real local folk here, one who owns the dive shop, Reme is
his name let us use his house and store all night long.  We drank and
smoked and played drums to 2am.  It was the best time I have had yet so
far here.  There is a big party tonight at hotel on the beach where my
friends Sara was staying, she introduced me to my new friends.  There will
be live music by my new friends and maybe us all.  I met Sara on the plane
ride here from Managua.  She and her family own a hydrogenating facility
in Honduras.  They are from Canada.  There is allot to what she does so
unless you ask I will leave that for one on one time.  But it is super
interesting and I hope to get involved in what they do and maybe join on
and do their website or compete with them on a global scale.  My dreams
are always big time.

So Sara need to meet with with one man names Tony who is on the board here
on Corn Island and knows all about the island and its politics.  He is a
great contact if you want to develop here.  I hope to get his contact
information from my friend Sara or him before I depart the Island

Back to the fun times.  We had 9 of us at Remes place playing the drums
and guitar late into the night.  A man names Washa who is from Guatemala
is a master at the guitar.  He kept the beat for us all night, as we
followed his teachings.  We call him the teacher.  He is not only a
talented musician but also a master craftsman at making sandals.  He has
his own hand made line of sandals called Washa that he wants to sell in
the states.  I plan to help him out with this if he gives me the chance. 
he takes 8 long hours to make one pair of sandals.  He wants $90 but I
think I can get a pair for $40 as all the people I knew at the party got
them for that price.  I will try and find him after I get off this

I am going to miss this place allot.  The people, the water, the weather
and most of all the relaxing kick back time I have had here.  I am sad as
I am  leaving tomorrow, but tonight I am sure will be a great send off for
me.  I have been doing allot of hiking, snorkeling, relaxing, and picture
taking while I was here.

I have to tell of something very disturbing 
though that I must not forget
to try and combat,

I am sorry but I don't have my cable to post
 photos.  I am on my way back
from the bank to get $188 to pay for my 
hotel and food for 5 days at Hotel
Mini Morgans on the Caribbean sea.

I promise to come back and post some 
later.  I have some really good ones
to show you.  I think, me fada might want 
to sketch sum up for a thin cordoba.  I have 
been taking my news ones with a rastas 
eye for possiblepainting on canvas. If you 
have not seen my fadas work so far mon, check it out here:  He is a great artist, 
I am not sure my digital images do his work justice.

For the new additions to read my entries go here to read my past stories.

I just posted them all in order until I post them on one page with the

Miss you all there.
Rasta Jeff in the Caribbean

[Nicaragua 2006] Last Photos :(
Wed Oct 4 16:46:49 PDT 2006

Below are the last photos I promised earlier today.  I am sad to be
leaving this paradise.  I don't think I will ever be back unless is by my
sailboat I hope to travel the Caribbean in someday.


I am taking 4 flights tomorrow so think good things for me.  Up and down 4
times.  From Corn Island to Bluefields, Bluefields to Managua, Managua to
El Salvador, El Salvador to Los Angeles.  Its going to be a log day
starting at 7:30am.  I am not looking forward to it but I am to tonight
festivities.  I am going to play like the party is a send off for me but I
wont be out to late, I say now.

I got those sandals I talked up earlier.  Wuasha is his name.  He wanted
$60 and said as I thought they are worth double that price but I was able
to talk him down to $40 and it is a steal at that.  They are really fine
crafter shoes.  He talked of his father being a shoemaker for ages and how
he honed his skills from him.  I am proud to wear these sandals, I hope I
never lose them for I don't think they will ever wear out.  If they do I
will make sure to have them professionally fixed.  They fit like a glove
on my feet.

For dinner I plan to get a lobster smothered in garlic butter at a
restaurant in town over looking the water.  Don't be jealous, its going to
cost me 200 cordobas, or around $7, maybe I will have two at that price,
hehehe.  Its actually kind of a bad thing to eat lobster here, many people
die here trying to harvest the spiny creatures.  I will eat them in memory
of them.

I was not going to write anything long or poetic but its taking long time
for my photos to upload so I will end my entry with a profound statement.

Last Note:
Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and remember
more than I have seen. Of journeying the benefits are many: the freshness
it brings to the heart, the seeing and hearing of marvelous things, the
delight of beholding new cities, the meeting of unknown friends, and the
learning of high manners.

Till the next adventure.  I wish you all well.  I will make one last note
when I return to reflect and advise that i have made it home safely.

Warm love from the waters of Corn Island, Nicaragua.
Jeff Dean

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Nicaraguan Investment Incentives


Nicaragua has passed a number of laws and incentives to attract foreign investment and it has worked. The GDP growth in 2004 surpassed expectations at 5.2%. This was higher than Costa Rica, Brazil, or Mexico. These laws are many and varied, ranging from total tax exoneration for tourism related business (Law 306), free-trade zones for manufacturing companies, to retirement benefits for foreigners. These laws have been complemented by programs which have cut the bureaucracy involved to start corporations (now a 45 day process maximum). Outright property ownership for foreigners can be obtained with just a valid passport.

LAW 306 (Tourism Incentive Law)

Tourism Incentive law (Law #306)
The Tourism Incentives Law, which grants special incentives to the tourist-oriented industry allows:

  • 80% to 100% income tax exemption, depending on the type of activity.
  • Total property tax exemption for a period of 10 years.
  • Sales tax exemption on building design and supervision contracts.
  • Import and sales tax exemption for 10 years on design and construction materials and equipment.
  • Import and sales tax exemption for 10 years on furniture, equipment, vehicles, and accessories.


Textile, apparel and other manufacturing companies, whether located inside a free zone or as a stand-alone operation (called a ZOFA), may apply for incentives under the Free Zone Law. The law grants qualifying companies the following tax benefits:

  • 100 percent income tax exemption
  • 100 percent value added tax exemption
  • 100 percent municipal tax exemption
  • No taxes on capital gains
  • Duty free import of machinery and equipment, raw material and intermediate goods
  • Duty free import of transportation equipment and vehicles.
  • Minimal registration procedures
  • No limits on foreign capital
  • Full currency convertibility
  • No double taxation

Retirement Incentives

Nicaragua has recently passed legislation to encourage retirees and pensioners to move here. Decree No. 628, the “Law of Resident Pensioners and Retirees” states that you are eligible for benefits if you are over 45 years of age and have a monthly income of at least $400 (include an additional $100 for each dependent family member that will live with you in Nicaragua).

Decree No. 628 gives benefits mostly in the form of tax incentives and entitles the retirees to the following:

Pay no taxes on any out-of-country earnings.
Bring up to $10,000 worth of household goods for your own home, duty-free.
Import one car for personal or general use and pay no import tax or protective tariff, and after 5 years you can sell it, again exempt from consumer sales tax.
Import an additional vehicle every 5 years under the same tax exemptions.

There is paperwork that goes along with applying for retiree status in Nicaragua. Here is a list of the necessary documents.

  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of your passport
  • A certificate of letter from your doctor stating that you are in good physical health, are free from communicable diseases and are mentally sound.
  • A letter from your local police department stating that you have never been convicted of any crime
  • A certificate of income from your bank or pension plan affirming that you will have enough money to meet the minimum requirement of $400 a month
  • A list of the household items that you will be importing

These documents must all be translated into Spanish by a lawyer and notarized.


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